Sacred Music Florida's 3rd Annual Competition

Set a Goal - Work Hard - Compete - Grow

Questions & Answers

Question: Will the competition take place all on one day?

Answer: Yes. The entire competition will take place on Thursday May 24, 2018  from 8:00am-5:00pm

Question: Do all participating ensembles have to have an individual family FPEA membership for each musician in the ensemble to participate or can the director register with their FPEA membership number?

Answer: No, you may have one membership for the entire group.

Question: If my child is entering more than one category do I need to fill out more than one form?

Answer: may use the drop-down menus to choose as many categories as you would like to enter for each child. You must; however, fill out a separate form for each individual student

Question: How many pieces can my child perform for their entry?

Answer: They may perform 1 or 2 pieces with a total of no more then 4 minutes of music for Beginner/Advanced Beginner/Novice categories. Prizewinner and higher levels may perform up to 6 minutes  of music. Musical selections may be made up of classical, hymns, hymn arrangements, spirituals and/or praise & worship. They may perform all classical or a mix of two different styles. 

Question: Do I need to bring a keyboard?

Answer: No..pianos/keyboards will be provided in the audition rooms.

Question: What do they get if they win?

Answer: The students are judged in two different ways. 1) Individually. Each participant will be judged according to their own performance based upon the number of years of study/age, etc. Each will receive a I, II or III depending upon their performance. The rating of I will receive a medal, II will receive a ribbon. 2) They will also be judged against others in their category. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category which will receive trophies. 

Question: What is the judging criteria?

Answer: Participants will be judged based on correct notes, rhythm, fingering, pitch, proper technique, interpretation and memorization. 

Question: Is there a list of repertoire to choose from?

Answer: No. You and your parent/teacher may choose your own appropriate repertoire that best accentuates their talent. ‚Äč